Schilke C 调小号

The Schilke C调小号传承了超过半个世纪以来Schilke在专业乐器上独特的风格与设计元素,在HD系列以及传统C系列上快速的反应、所有音域的平均以及明亮的音色,与其他厂牌有着极大的区别,辨识度非常之高! 



HD 系列C调小号

Schilke C调小号承袭Schilke乐器超过50年以上的传统,独特的设计使的Schilke C调小号有着快速的反应、高低音平均的音色2006年最新发表的HD系列C调小号是由法国巴黎歌剧院首席小号演奏家Marc Geujon协助研发,新款的设计为吹奏者带来更快的反应以及更加光辉灿烂的音色。



  • L Bore – (.463”/11.75mm)
  • Bell: ML – (4.875”/125.00mm)
  • HD Bell with #2 Taper


  • L Bore – (.463”/11.75mm)
  • M Bell – (4.875”/125.00mm)
  • HD Bell with #3 Taper



乐器最佳代言人:Marc Geujon – 法国巴黎歌剧院首席小号演奏家

·    可选择表面处理:

  • 镀银
  • 镀金
  • 烤漆



创办人Renold Schilke设计



传统Schilke C调系列小号:


C1 – ML Bore – (.460”/11.68mm) / L Bell – (5”/127.00mm) Yellow Brass Bell with #1 Taper


C3 – L Bore – (.463”/11.75mm) / M Bell – (5”/127.00mm) Yellow Brass Bell with #3 Taper


C5 – L Bore – (.463”/11.75mm) / M Bell – (5”/127.00mm) Yellow Brass Bell with #3 Taper


CX – L Bore – (.463”/11.75mm) / L Bell – (5”/127.00mm) Yellow Brass Bell with #1 Taper

现今Schilke C调小号中最多演奏家使用的型号,带给使用者丰富、明亮又多样的音色变化


·   可选择表面处理:

  • 镀银
  • 镀金






MainBody Layouts

Configure at Admin → Extensions → Template Manager → rt_gantry, then go to Layouts tab and set the varying Mainbody/Sidebar layout possibilities.

Here, you can change both the grid size of the Mainbody/Sidebar position, but also the location of the sidebars. You can place the sidebars at varying combinations to the left, right or both or the Mainbody.

Forced Positions

There are times when you just don't want to have your modules taking up all the room in a horizontal row no matter what the layout. For example you might want to have a module on the left and a module on the right, with nothing in the middle.

This is made easy with Gantry with the Force Positions parameter for each layout, allowing you to set the count to a specific row number, such as 4, even if 4 modules are not published for that row.

Injected Features

Features are specific elements of functionality, that are incredibly flexible and can be used to perform any kind of logic you would need. They are injected into a position when enabled, and are stacked vertically; inclusive of: Date, Font Sizer, Login Panel and more.

Grid Sizes

Configure at Admin → Extensions → Template Manager → rt_graffito, then go to Layouts to set the grid widths and allocated positions.

By default, each grid is given an equal distribution, but this can be modified to a custom distribution between modules, such as 3/4/5 instead of 4/4/4. These options are available for when 2-6 modules are present.

Collapsible Positions

If no modules are published to a position, the entire area or row will not appear or collapse.